About Svaraa

Who are we? What makes Svaraa different?-
Where is Svaraa located?+
Where is your jewellery made?+
Does Svaraa have a catalog? +
Do you offer any additional discounts?+
Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?+
I can't find the piece I wanted on the site anymore. Can I still order it?+


How much does it cost me to have a Svaraa product delivered to my home?+
What is the estimated delivery time?+
How will the delivery be done? +
How safe is my product?+
Does Svaraa deliver internationally?+
Can I change my shipping address after I have place an order?+

Returns and Exchanges

What is your Money Back Policy?+
Will you withhold some shipping charges when I return the product within 15 days? +
Will I have to pay for shipping the product back to you?+
How do I return the product to Svaraa within 15 days?+
What is your Exchange & Buy-back Policy?+


Can I commission a custom design? +
Can I get the jewellery in a different gemstone or metal not offered on Svaraa?+
Can I order a ring in a size that isn't offered on the site?+
What if I don't know the ring size?+
Do you carry a specific style/gem?+
Does Svaraa sell Conflict Free diamonds? +
What will my packing be like? +
Is my jewellery authentic and certified?+
I lost my jewellery certificate, can I get a duplicate?+
Can I re-size my Ring?+
Are your prices lower than a local jewellery store?+


Wide Range +
No Middle Men+
Certified Solitaires+
Conflict Free Diamonds that are Responsibly Sourced +
Low Inventory Costs +
What is your return policy for solitaires?+
How do I return it?+

Making an online purchase

How should I place an order online?+
Can I order by phone?+
Will I get an order confirmation? +
How to Cancel an Order?+
How do I track my order after it has been shipped?+


How do I make a payment for a Svaraa purchase?+
Are there any hidden costs?+
Are prices on Svaraa.in subject to change?+
How do I pay using a Credit/Debit card and is it safe?+
How long will it take to get refunds, if any?+

After Purchase Questions

Do you match prices if an item I purchased goes down in price later?+
What happens if the ring I bought doesn't fit? +
What if there is a problem with my purchase? +
Can I take a ring to my local jeweler to have it resized?+

Gift card

What are terms and conditions of Svaraa Gift Card program?+
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